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Paul  Gerard

Lives in Gladstone,Michigan

photographs high school Athletics and other School Events

    Paul's new web site for Sports Photos


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Paul has interests in genealogy, cooking and recipes, photography, education, travel (Norway), government, investment, retirement, and the military.     

  President Bush in da UP               Anthony Girard reunion 3 July 2004                Erickson Reunion 23 July 2005     

My Daughter Rachel      My daughter and son-in-law (1 Jun 2002)       Their Project (Oct 2003) Update (May04)

Paul served DCMA in Bosnia at Guardian, near Tuzla Bosnia (Team 7  Mar 97 - Apr 97 ),   Camp Eagle Base, near Tuzla Bosnia (Team 11 Oct 98-Apr 99 ),    Taszar, Hungary (Team15  May 00 - Nov 00 ) and  Qatar.   Jan 03 - Mar 03

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